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Cantoalagua is an initiative that, through singing, art, and collective actions, seeks to raise awareness about the importance of water. Every March 22, People from all over the world, we gather in rivers, streams, lakes, ponds, wetlands, seas, to sing for the healing of the Earth's waters and the healing of our internal waters.



March 22


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Intention heals and transforms

Thanks to Jonathan Goldman, Fabien Maman, Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, Dr. Masaru Emoto and other musicians, doctors and sound experts, and their studies on sounds and their healing power, it has been proven that sound vibration and Intentions together create waves that have effects on molecular structures. of water and transform matter. These observations lead to the conclusion that peace and love can be co-created on the planet when people align their intention and their collective consciousness of love and gratitude.

A simple experiment conducted by Dr. Jacques Benevistes and other professors and researchers at the Aerospace Institute of the University of Stuttgar in Germany in 1988 demonstrates that water stores an imprint of the environment to which it has been exposed. In some way, this research explains how homeopathy works, demonstrating that water adsorbs information around it.


¨The blood that runs through our veins is equal to the water that runs through our rivers¨

Hopi Grandmother

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