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Sing to Water 2018 #TejidoQueNosEnlaza

Welcome Cantoalagua 2018! Dear friends of the Water For eight years, Cantoalagua has kept alive and expanding. Through singing, collective meditation and the expressive arts, hundreds of places in the world have joined this urgent call to protect and recover the waters of the planet. It is crucial that each individual grows in consciousness recognizing water as sustenance and origin of life and at the same time, as emotional body and mirror of our collective consciousness. Following this feeling, this year our efforts are oriented to strengthen us as a web. Inspired by the way in which the water molecules intertwine with each other, - weaving bridges between their hydrogen and oxygen molecules - the purpose of Cantoalagua 2018 is to join efforts that allow us to manifest our dreams of free and living water, into concrete and visible projects. That's why our slogan this year is Cantoalagua: Web that connects us! #WebThatConnectsUsAll To achieve this, we need the family to continue growing and the message to expand. We want to invite you to take initiative by adopting new water sources and create around them new singing points for next March 22. Thank you for being multipliers of this call! Cantoalagua Seed Team

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