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What is Cantoalagua?

Intention heals and transforms

Thanks to Jonathan Goldman, Fabien Maman, Dr. Mitchell Gaynor and other musician, doctors and sound experts, and theirs studies on sounds and its healing power, it has been demonstrated that sound vibration and intentions together, create waves which have effects in molecular structured of water and transform matter. These observations brings to the conclusion that peace and love can be co-created in the planet when people align their intention and their collective consciousness of love and gratitude.

A simple experiment made by Dr. Jacques Benevistes and other professors and researches of the Aerospacial Institute of the University of Stuttgar in Germany, in 1988, shows that water stores a footprint of the environment it has been exposed to. Somehow, those researches explain how homeopathy works, proving that water adsorbs information around it.

Hidden messages in Water

Years ago, Dr Masaru Emoto in his book “The Messages from Water”, demonstrated how our words, thoughts and emotions have direct effect in water molecular structure.

The singing praying of a Buddhist monk is capable of transforming polluted water vibration and molecular structure, into crystals of pure water and of high vibration. Our human body is 75% water, the same as Earth; let’s imagine for a moment what we can do with the collective energy of a sound that has the intention of Love and Healing.

Cantoalagua (Sing to the Water) is a real and conscious singing of the “AH” mantra, with the energy of love, gratitude and forgiveness to the waters of our planet. The singing has been taking place since 2010 every 22 nd march, in different points of the world at 12m local time.

Cantoalagua is the energy of sound created trough our voices with loving and conscious intention. Such force, is capable of transform and create a new reality for the world. Actions and changes out of this singing are the manifestation of this energy and part of the collective awakening. Cantoalagua is not a message of resistance, protest or opposition of any kind and embraces every culture and belief.

”Singing from the heart” What does it is mean?

The blood running through our veins is like the water that runs in our rivers. All our emotions, actions and thoughts have an effect in our reality, the beings and the energy that surround us. Human actions affect the whole planet. When our actions are true to our hearts, to our spiritual Being, things manifest themselves in a positive way.

When we act in a way that is unconscious or selfish, the result is a planet that is ill, full with unconsciousness and with lack of love. Thus, if our singing is done with the energy of love, gratitude and forgiveness, it will be received in the same way. The intention behind the singing, the word, the prayer is capable of transforming a molecule of water, as well as a cell of the body. By singing, we are healing the water… and we are also healing ourselves. Nature is a reflection of what we have in our hearts; therefore, we can only contribute to heal our planet by healing ourselves first.

Cantoalagua Day

Cantoalagua will take place in 22nd march. This day, people from all around the world will gather in rivers, streams, lakes, pounds, wetlands, to sing for the healing of the waters of the Earth and the healing of our inner waters.

When: 22 nd march
Where: everywhere in the world

Cantoalagua is Born

Those observations made us reflect on how our thoughts affect our inner waters (blood, secretions…) and the waters of beings around us. This knowledge agree with the teachings of our ancestors and indigenous spiritual leaders all around the world, sharing their word with us.

Catalina Salguero, a practitioner of the sound healing and Héctor Buitrago funder of the Conector musical healing initiative and member of the Colombian musical group Aterciolepados, joined forces to create the first version of Cantoalagua 2010, in 22nd march, seeking for the reconciliation between the inhabitants of Bogota city and the River Bogotá, one of the most polluted river on the face of the Earth. “Through singing we began walking a path of awakening consciousness 

our responsibility on the state of the waters of our planet and, at the same time, we began call the attention of local government entities over the Bogota River reality”.

Few days after its creation, the facebook group Cantoalagua had reported around 800 members. The first year, Cantoalagua had 13 differents singing point in Colombia. Another highlight was the participation of a state entity, the Regional Autonomous Corporation of Cundinamarca, organizing cleanup days in different rivers of the state.

In 2013, Cantoalagua had 250 simultaneous singing points and also raised the interest of entities as Bogotá Water Company and Citizen’s Agenda. Cantoalagua became a platform to host art expositions, articulate different related initiatives and inspire similar process in other places. Through Cantoalagua, the current increasing core team, has managed to raise awareness and bring closer the consciousness of citizens of Cundinamarca towards the Bogotá River, beginning with the recovering process of creating affection between the people and their ecosystem and creating spaces for people with different origins and believes to come together and share their intentions.


We have manage to recover traditional culture wove during centuries around water, which has bring us to enter in communion with ancestral wisdom of Mamos, Taitas and indigenous ancestors. Since 2011, besides singing points confirmed in Colombia, people for other countries have also joined us in this purpose of healing the waters of Earth. This is a dream that flows and becomes a reality!

How to join Cantoalagua

1. Join the events organized in your community. Find an event close to you.

2.  Create a singing event in your community.

3.  Become a volunteer offering your time, knowledge, resources and equipments. Get connected to the Cantoalagua event closer to you.

4. Make the singing by your own. It does not matter if you will be alone, at home or far from a water source. Sing the mantra “AH” from the center of your heart with the
intention of Love and Gratitude to heal the water of your territory. The singing will
start at 12.00 m local time, lasting 15 minutes.

5. Share your initiatives, projects and ideas with the CANTOALGUA community. Find
partners for co-working. Join the CANTOALAGUA community

Singing the mantra AH

Why the “AH” vowel?

The sounds of silables are sacred sounds in many traditions. Those sounds have no specific meanings, however, from the spitirual and emotional perspective “AH” sound is associated to the energy of love and compassion. We emit the vibration of the “AH” sound when we are in love, when we feel tenderness and when we experience relieve.

“AH” is a universal sound. When we project the sound with focused energy, its vibration is highly powerful and effective. It creates an energy wave that transforms and has a positive effect on the Earth. According to the Indian traditions, each Chakra or human body whorls of energy is associated to a root sound. “AH” corresponds to Anahata, the Heart Chakra.


“AH” sound is also present in all God and Goddess names: Tara, Buda, Krishna, Gaia, Yah, Astara… as well as many sacred words: Amen, Aleyuya, Aum, Amor. “AH” is a universal sound accepted by all. The repetition of this word encourages its vibration and opening by allowing the flourishing of its qualities: love, compassion, and forgiveness. It is also the most common word used by babies when starting to communicated.

Do I need to sing loudly?

I don’t need to sign for it to sound stronger or more beautiful. I don’t need to be a singer. I sing for the vibration of my voice, charge with the intention from my heart can heal the water of the planet and my inner waters. To sing I need to take deep breaths and sing without straining neither my voice nor my throat. My singing needs to be soft and comfortable emitted in a tone suitable for my vocal cords. We can rest, drink water and allow others to go ahead with the singing to later rejoin and allow others to rest as well.

It’s a good idea to alternate voices to keep a constant singing. Generally everybody voice ends up in a single tone, because the frequencies start to align. Listen to the singing around you and feel the vibration in you r body.


Do I need to sing in a specific musical note?

Intention is what matters. Even do, if you can sing in FA, you will be singing a frequency aligned with your heart’s energy.

Can I sing and play other instruments at the same time?

Our voice is the most powerful healing instrument. The invitation is to take the most of its healing and creative power. We suggest including other instruments at the end of the singing to celebrate, close the beginning and keep on creating, leaving the initial 15 minutes only for the voices.

Do I need to be part of any spiritual o religious tradition to join Cantoalagua?

Cantoalagua is not ruled by any particular doctrine, religion or believe. We have had the pleasure to see hundreds of people with different believes and religious practices had found in Cantoalagua a common place to share a collective purpose with spiritual bases beyond the ritual practices, united in diversity. You are free to make the settlements required to fit the convene to your singing according to your inner call, always keeping the purpose of singing with the intention of healing the water of the Earth and your inner waters.

We invite you lead the singing with a truly sense of environmental responsibility regarding to the territory where you are organizing the singing. Have zealous care of sacred places and spiritual leaders.

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