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Cantoalagua 2019 "Consciousness that raises the World"

Cantoalagua is, above its various expressions, a call for awakening consciousness. Every year we face the challenge of creating a motto that motivates the growth of the movement, consistent with the needs of the waters of the planet. Through meditative chant and various artistic expressions we have made a call from our soul, touching the hearts of hundreds of people who around the world vibrate with our mission: to open eyes and ears to those who still do not listen or see, so that they fall in love with the waters, their own and those flowing through the air, the rivers and oceans of our planet, and become the guardians of our precious liquid.

The news in general are not pleasant. Mining, fracking, water dams, the inability of the cities to manage their waste, the indiscriminate logging of forests, the desertification of many regions of the world, the disease and death of thousands of birds and fish by consumption of plastics in the sea and toxins in the rivers, forest fires, the slow growth of renewable energy technologies, - just to name a few -, are nothing more than the reflection of a humanity that dissociated herself from the sacredness of Mother Nature – hence of its own -, and considers herself superior to her, acting for the sake of false progress that will soon leave us without clean air to breathe or water to drink.

We looked at ourselves this time, knowing that although we are many, we are still few. But still in the face of so much adversity, we trust. We trust that everyone contribution around themselves and their inmediate environment, is the foundation of change and the central axis of a peaceful struggle: but today we urged it to be powerful. Something arose in the depths of our guts. A need for shouting and shaking, a chant that lifts us up, a voice that raises consciousness. ¨ Riseup¨, said Orlando. We looked at each other. To some of us it sounded a bit strong. Doubt. Is it time to riseup? (In spanish Sublevar)

Sublevar comes from the Latin sublevāre, tr., Raise, elevate, raise from the ground // fig., Relieve, mitigate, sweeten; console remediate ad sublevandam omnium rerum inopiam, to remedy the shortage of everything // help, support, protect ... Then history gave it in Spanish the meaning we know ESP. Sublevar, 1683; make someone revolt // provoke a sedition or riot // fig., excite indignation, promote feeling of protest ... *

We therefore opted to take the word to its origins, to resignify it and use it to invite to awaken consciousness, a consciousness that rises up the world. How can we rise up? By developing a critical thinking in search of a higher truth; by questioning us, experimenting for the sake of discovering the essential; by looking for ways that lead us to recognize limiting patterns and beliefs based on fear, rooted so deeply in our society and families; by releasing with courage and in complete honesty what is unnecessary, what does not nourish our soul or make us grow; by taking the risk to walk without so many comforts and gadgets, to allow us to trust in the kindness of Mother Earth that contains and nourishes us; by remembering that we are part of her, and that if we do not wake up, well can she stay here without us.

In what other ways can you rise up?

Catalina Salguero Co-founder Cantoalagua

* Taken from Lexicón etimológico y semántico del Latín. Santiago Segura, Universidad de Deusto, Bilbao 2014* * Thanks to those who fed with their gaze this resignification of Sublevar.

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